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Frequently Asked Questions

Reflections Jewelry in Milwaukee is Your Trusted Pawn Shop and Jewelry Store. We Buy, Sell, and Loan

Reflections Jewelry - Are You Just a Jewelry Store?

In 1997, we started out as a neighborhood Jewelry Store and have transformed into a full-scale Pawn Shop over the years. We now have the capacity to Buy, Sell, and Loan Jewelry and General Merchandise. We haven't changed our name because Jewelry is still our main focus and our absolute specialty.

What is a Pawn Loan?

A Pawn Loan is a Short Term, Collateral-Backed, Cash Loan. Essentially, you bring in a Valuable Item as a Pledge to our Shop and we give you Cash as a Loan. When you come back, you Pay us what you Borrowed, plus Interest and you get your Item(s) back. You have 30 Days, plus a 30 Day Grace Period to Pay or Pickup your Item(s).

What Items Do You Pawn?

Gold and Diamond Jewelry, Silver, Fine Watches, Collectibles, Game Systems, Laptops, Musical Instruments, Tablets, TVs, Tools, Toys & Much More! 

[Prices Depend on Brand, Model, Condition & Profitability]

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Can I Receive a Quote Over The Phone?

We offer general information via phone and email, but are more equipped to make deals in person. We prefer to verify condition and we have to be able to test an item to be in good working order. Please bring your Item(s) to Reflections Jewelry for accurate pricing.

What Happens When I Default?

You can always Extend or Renew your Pawns by making Interest Payments to get more Time; However, after 30 Days, plus the 30 Day Grace Period have passed without any Payment, your Pledged Item(s) will become the Property of Reflections Jewelry. In short, you have a total of 60 Days without making a Payment before you lose an Item.

Are My Items Safe While in Pawn?

Yes. We are Fully Insured and your Item(s) are stored in Secured Areas. Although your Items are used as Collateral, YOU still own the Item(s) in Pawn! We GUARANTEE you receive your Item(s) in the exact same condition you brought it to us. Best Part: Reflections Jewelry has NEVER lost a Customer's Item!